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We are delighted to announce that we have updated our section concerning the regulation of online casino gambling in the various jurisdictions around the globe.  The legislation and subsequent regulation of online gambling and online slot machine markets has been a focus within a number of large markets, and the process appears to gathering considerable pace in more established Asian and European markets.

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What potential is there in the mobile gambling sector?

Left internet gambling informationThe rise of online gambling in recent years has been unstoppable. More and more people are playing games online for real money than ever before, but only recently have people started to turn their back on classic desktop casinos and gambling sites, and switching to the convenience of mobile devices, such as iPhones, Android smartphones and tablet devices.

This move from desktop to mobile has been made possible over the last five or so years due to a number of factors. First of all, internet connections using mobile devices have become more reliable and fast enough to operate casino games. This has built up consumer trust in playing games on the go, especially where real money is involved.

Secondly, the rise of mobile gambling has been facilitated recently by major tech companies such as Apple and Google loosening tight restrictions on casino and gaming apps. Before, many well-established casino brands were blocked from Google Play and the App Store, but this is not the case anymore, which means a more free and open market in terms of mobile gaming development.

Left.at summarizes some of the key points to consider when looking at the potential of mobile gambling:

– Faster and more reliable internet access directly corresponds to the number of people opting to use their mobile device for gambling. As we head into the next few years, Wi-Fi coverage is expected to expand significantly, while connection speeds are also increasing.
– People are ditching their traditional devices. This is especially true for younger people, as more and more are swapping desktop computers for more portable tablet devices, while over 90% of us in developed countries own and use a smartphone on a daily basis.
– Advanced technology enables us to play the same game on different mobile platforms. Thanks to advancements in software, many users can now access their same casino account (with the same funds added) to play the same casino games but on different devices. Again, this is increasing the overall amount of time that players are logged in and make bets using mobile devices.
– Higher revenue for casino operators facilitating players on mobile. This last point is perhaps one of the most important of all for casino brands and developers to consider: players using their mobile devices to make bets, on average, spend more money than those using desktop PCs or laptops. Due to the fact that accessing casino games and betting platforms is more convenient and a lot faster for players, they are more likely to deposit more funds, place more bets and spend less time calculating the odds in the hope of winning.

Left.at – the aims and objectives of this site

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