About Left.at

Let us tell you something about Left.  Left.at has been created by a former e-gaming executive with an interest in the mobile gaming sector – with a focus on online casinos and betting platforms that can be downloaded and played as apps.


Currently, this site is still in the development stage and will be fully launched in the near future, including more in-depth news stories, articles, pages and useful links. We also hope to collaborate with other online casino industry experts as well as journalists and other content creators to build up this platform.

About Left and e-gaming news


At the moment, please feel free to read through our homepage, which outlines the objectives and aims of this site, as well as explores some of the main reasons why the mobile gambling sector has exploded in the way it has in recent years.

Of course, we are all doing our best to get the company up and running as soon as possible.  But please bear with us, as we are not currently performing to the level that we would hope to.  We do plan on bringing as much industry news to you as possible – but there are a few set backs that we have encountered in recent months that mean that we are not as far ahead with the online casino analysis and general sector developments as we will be in a years time.  As we have already said, bear with us… we will get there.  And when we do, this will be one of your go-to resources for online gambling news and e-gaming industry advances.  WE PROMISE!!